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Desk House Pink

Desk House Pink

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A hub for both learning and playing, the Desk House is a three-in-one study desk, bookshelf, and playhouse whose multi-functional design replaces the need for several pieces of furniture.


The cleverly designed sloping roof functions as a desk on one side and a chalk/magnet board on the opposite side. The chimney acts as a pencil holder, neatly storing any unused utensils or magnets in plain sight and strategically placed bars protect writing utensils from falling to the ground when they roll down the slopes.


Just under the chalk/magnet board is a two-tiered bookshelf for storing study materials, books, or toys.


And opposite the bookshelf is the playhouse where kids, pets, and even parents can duck under, let loose, and allow their imaginations to run free.


The Desk house can be easily assembled by hand and comes complete with chalk and felt floor protectors. 


From top to bottom, the Desk House is built to maximize space, promote educational activities, and inspire imaginative play – all in one place! 



Height: 30 in

Width: 33 in

Depth: 28 in 




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